Curl Your Hair With Sleep Styler Rollers and Wake Up Ready!

We know it sounds weird, but it is a true statement. You can go to sleep with a head full of rollers and wake up fresh with a fantastic curly hair, ready for the day. If you think bobs are outdated and only our grandmas still use the curl accessory, you would better review your concept.

Bulky and curly hair is the greatest sensation of the moment, but it can be difficult to achieve this look. Using babyliss tires the arms and the curls tend to get undone quickly. The solution would be to use bobs, but you need to choose carefully your bobs. Smaller bobs make narrower curls and larger bobbins make curls looser and undulating.

In order to use larger bobs, your hair has to reach the shoulder. Thermal bobs are good for almost any type of hair except the very thin ones, which tend to be more brittle.

What is the solution?

Curly hair with a gorgeous swing and attracting looks can easily be produced with the help of Sleep Styler Rollers. These fluffy cylinders can help create a glamorous hair or add a special touch to a special occasion. They also give a healthy rest to your strands, tired of the heat, chemicals and hair dryers.

Sleep Styler Rollers are excellent allies when it comes to shaping and curling your hair naturally, leaving it with a look worthy of magazine covers. There are some models for specific hair length and type, please access the official site and choose the best option for your hair.

Sleep Styler Rollers are excellent allies when it comes to shaping and curling your hair naturally

How to use Sleep Styler Rollers

There are no difficulties whatsoever using sleep rollers on your hair. No rocket science as they say! Follow some simple guidelines and you will be able to take a break from those harmful practices, which have been damaging your hair for such a long time.

Step 1

Wash your hair normally. Do this before going to bed so there is enough time for your hair to dry, around 80% before it is completely dry. You can use a towel, but DO NOT use hair dryer.

You can use any of your normal shampoo and conditioner, or any other cream you normally use on your hair as treatment.

Step 2

Comb your hair and separate into three or more strands, depending upon the style or curls you are looking for.

Step 3

Chose the right size Sleep Styler Rollers and wrap the fringe first if this was your choice. Place a roller under the fringe, about 5 cm away from the tips. So you will have enough hair to curl and hold the Sleep Styler in place. Continue to curl until the roller touches the scalp. Hold firmly to prevent from escaping during your night’s sleep.

Step 4

Begin wrapping strand from the top to the bottom. Try to make equal strands using larger rollers. Your hair strand should be about the width of the roller; The amount of hair per roller depends on how many curls you want.

Step 5

For tighter curls, place Sleep Styler Rollers vertically as you wrap them toward the scalp. For softer curls, position the rollers horizontally.

Step 6

The next morning, carefully remove the rollers. For a more natural and relaxed look, run your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls. If you want to use a brush, just brush it at the tips of the curls.


  • The larger the rollers, and the more strands you put into it, the smoother your curls will be. The opposite is also valid – fewer hair in smaller rollers result in tighter curls.
  • If your hair dries fast, use some spray water on each strand before you wrap it up around the rollers.

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