How to thin your face with makeup for every occasion

Almost every part of the body that has too much fat can be easily disguised with suitable clothing. These cases are the strips, reducing shims and other products on the market. But when it comes to the face, there is no other to resort to the tricks of makeup to be able to disguise those extra kilos. In this article we will tell you how to thin your face with makeup, so you can feel more confident with yourself.thin your face with make up

Perfect Make-up techniques

There are several techniques to make a make-up that disguises the fat on the face. Everyone should try out which one is the best option for them. There are a variety of make-up products on the market, the best ones are those made from natural minerals that do not clog pores. Remember that before bed you must remove all the make-up, so that your skin can breathe and stay radiant always.

You need a dark base make-up, a medium one and one of skin tone. With the dark make-up, two lines are marked below the cheekbones. This gives the sensation of dept, so that the cheeks appear to be sunken. On this dark base a middle tone is set and it vanishes to erase the edges. Then put face make-up on all face with the base of the skin color to match all the tones. Before you put your make-up on we recommend using deep cleaning black mask 

How to slim your face with make-up?

To achieve fine and thin face it is very important to make shade below the cheekbones. When making a shadow where the cheeks are, there is an aspect of being sunken. You can also brighten your cheekbones to make them stand out. What you never have to do if you want to thin your face with make-up, is to “paint” your whole face with same color. There are people who believe that by using a darker make-up they will get the whole face reduced. This does not produce any fine tuning effect on the face.

Do not be afraid to add light tones and illuminate the face. The thing is to know where to put it. It should always be put on the cheekbones and front. In this way, the cheekbones take center stage in the face and give the sensation of having thinner cheeks. You can also use dark tones to hide the chin.

Self-esteem above all things

It is natural that sometimes you want to know how to thin your face with make-up. In fact, it is something that many women always look for, no matter what kind of face they have. But never let it become an obsession against your personality.

Remember that you must value who you are in all aspects and forms. Do not obsess over a perfection that does not exist and that not even the models and movie stars have. It is important that you keep your self-esteem above all things.

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